In 2018 SoNo Neighborhood Alliance will launch initiatives to keep residents informed about planning committee agenda items and elections.

Planning Board Agenda Alerts:  Each month, SoNo will review the agendas of the North Park Planning Committee (NPPC) and the Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee (GGHPC) as soon as they are posted, and we will send out advance e-blasts about agenda items of special interest to residents, like proposed construction projects and traffic reconfigurations. The e-blasts will note the anticipated times during the meeting when the items will be discussed, and they will explain options for giving resident input in person or by email.

Planning Board Candidate Forums: When we vote in most national, state, and local elections, we learn quite a lot about the candidates in advance. When we vote in community planning board elections, we know almost nothing. SoNo intends to change that by hosting two first-ever “Meet The Candidates” open forums in advance of the NPPC and GGHPC elections next March. All declared candidates will be invited to participate, present their positions on important issues, and field questions from voters.


And speaking of elections…

Please don’t forget to establish your eligibility to vote by attending at least one NPPC meeting before March 2018 if you live in North Park and two GGHPC meetings before February 2018 if you live in South Park. And please spread the word and encourage your neighbors and friends to attend as well.
When do they meet?