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‘Small-Format’ Target Store Planned for North Park
NBC 7 News, January 11, 2018

Major Makeover: University Avenue Mobility Project will bring improvements for cyclists and pedestrians; eliminate 91 parking spots between Florida and Boundary Streets.

San Diego Uptown News,  December 15, 2017


Bike lanes, or not

San Diego Uptown News, December 15, 2017


School district wants to swap old education center for new headquarters.

San Diego Union-Tribune, December 14, 2017


City’s long list of regulations prevents smaller, cheaper apartments.

Voice of San Diego, December 19, 2017


Are bulldozers the solution to soaring home prices?

San Diego Union Tribune, July 27, 2017


Commentary:  Bike commuting plan faces bumpy road.

San Diego Union Tribune, July 14, 2017


Vicki Granowitz leaves a legacy in North Park, turns her sights to city planning

San Diego Uptown News, June 30, 2017


Our Neighborhoods Are Changing

Environmental Health Coalition blogpost, June 20, 2017


Opinion: SDSU Must Speak Up Loudly and Clearly for Qualcomm Site

Times of San Diego, April 12, 2017


SoNo survey identifies residents’ top issues

San Diego Uptown News, April 7, 2017


New rules could limit some apartment construction, April 7, 2017


Commentary: Sunlight best disinfectant for government policies

San Diego Union-Tribune, March 10, 2017


Where millennials want to live might surprise you.

San Diego Union-Tribune, March 2, 2017


Affordable housing developers aren’t getting clued in on city land sales

San Diego Union-Tribune, February 17, 2017


Future has arrived: North Park, Golden Hill CPUs reveal city’s vision.

San Diego Uptown News, November 7, 2016


The moral of Measure B: With enough money, anyone can build anything anywhere.

Voice of San Diego, October 19, 2016


County climate pains coming.

Voice of San Diego, October 7, 2016


Donna Frye to speak to SoNo Neighborhood Alliance.

Uptown News, September 23, 2016


San Diego predicts shortcomings in Climate Plan’s transit goals.

KPBS News, September 20, 2016


Los Angeles neighborhood Integrity Initiative presents demands to city leaders.

Planetizen, August 24, 2016


North Park has its own issues to deal with. 

San Diego Union-Tribune, August 12, 2016


Jack in the Box headed to court over ‘remodel.’

San Diego Reader, May 24, 2016


Owls and emotions in South Park.

San Diego Reader, December 22, 2015


Neighborhoods unite.

North Park News, November/December 2015



Give your feedback on the proposed Howard – Orange Bikeway.

SANDAG is holding a public hearing to hear comments on the proposed Howard - Orange Bikeway. Attendees will have an opportunity to talk with project team members and provide feedback. Comments collected at the public hearing and written responses to those comments...

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SoNo Survey Identifies Resident Concerns

Urban green spaces, affordable housing, public transit access top list of neighborhood concerns. The top issues identified in the survey, which received 275 responses between November 2016 and January 2017, will be discussed in a public forum hosted by the SoNo...

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