You may have noticed a lot of building going on in Golden Hill/South Park and North Park. Many of you have been frustrated to see a construction project appear rapidly in your neighborhood.

Often from start to finish happens before you have time to question how such a large project was approved.  The City Council has recently approved a very loose process for builders to build in urban areas in order to increase density and hopefully relieve the affordable housing crisis.  Unfortunately all the building has not produced the solutions we seek. Any solution should provide affordable housing either to rent or buy. Instead neighborhood bungalows and other such California heritage buildings are being replaced with four and five-story housing adding to the height limits and attracting higher income buyers.

You can be the Eyes and Ears on projects in your area that you’d like to know more about.  Only you can know when building is going on that doesn’t seem in keeping with the community. SoNo Neighborhood Alliance can help you find City agencies to call for information.  Your concern will be posted on our website and we will share the information in our newsletter.  Together we can work to support real affordable housing and at the same time help our neighborhoods maintain their unique character and heritage.