Thank you to everyone who joined us at SoNo Neighborhood Alliance’s Meet and Greet on October 18th.   The exchange of ideas has given SoNo a renewed momentum for empowering residents to have a voice in the fate of their neighborhoods. Some of the most compelling comments were around the need for residents  to band together and take action to uphold residential interests.

To that end, join us at the next SoNo Neighborhood Alliance convening as we organize for action!

Thursday, January 17, 2019
6:00 PM
Mazara’s Trattoria

Here’s what else we heard from attendees:

  • The majority of our local retail jobs do not pay enough to afford the high housing costs in our neighborhoods. This means growing numbers of new residents will commute (almost certainly by car) to work outside of the area. Traffic will increase, and air quality will suffer.
  • The City’s decision to locate a disproportionate amount of housing density in North Park shows a disregard for our neighborhoods. Golden Hill/South Park is already vulnerable to such unjust land use policy.
  • The negative impacts of increased housing density on our neighborhoods can and should be mitigated by such measures as: developments that are built to existing scale so they don’t overwhelm surrounding homes; “transitional” architecture; preservation of green spaces; creative landscaping and infrastructure improvements.
  • At a time when an influx of new resident commuters has swollen the demand for street parking, land use policies and exemptions for developers are reducing the existing supply of parking spaces. Converting parallel to angled parking will not make a significant dent in this increasingly-serious problem.
  • The escalation in “ministerial” building permits, “variances,” and similar lax zoning trends has eroded the opportunity for input on land use and development that residents need and deserve.
  • Health and safety are not always fully considered when developments are designed (e.g. physical structures and poor lighting that make it easier for unlawful activity to occur).