Join us on October 26, 2017 for "Density is Here...Now What?"

San Diego City Council approves changes to policies in favor of developers over residents.

SoNo Neighborhood Alliance opposes any changes...

Residents ready to exert more influence in decisions affecting their neighborhoods: Summary of May 17 SoNo Community Forum

At the May 17 community forum SoNo Neighborhood...

SoNo Survey Identifies Resident Concerns

Urban green spaces, affordable housing, public...



SoNo Neighborhood Alliance is a non-profit organization that informs and engages residents of North Park and South Park about neighborhood quality-of-life issues that include:


land use and development, traffic, green space, parking, and code compliance.



As individual residents, we lack the financial resources and political clout to have a real voice in determining the future of our neighborhoods. But together, we can occupy a seat at the table with property and business owners, developers, planners, and government officials at the earliest stage of projects to present novel ideas, build consensus, and achieve compromise.

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Our Goals

Open a new dialogue that explores a range of solutions to urban challenges. We will regularly update members about pending neighborhood projects, and we will organize public forums to exchange news and views.
Strive to ensure that laws are obeyed and enforced. We will call on elected officials and municipal agencies to be transparent in all their dealings and accountable to all their constituents.
Seek to foster membership diversity through outreach to underrepresented groups.
Help K-12 students prepare for their roles as future neighborhood leaders.